Here is a list of open source and side projects I'm currently developing


A simple CLI to watch file changes and run their matching ruby specs. Works on any ruby projects with no setup.


Practical examples to master web forms in Rails.

Learn and demistify nested attributes and other common web form practices with single-file Rails apps.

Mortgage simulator

Run accurate loan simulations and plan the best way to repay your debt.

Discover loan timelines, record rate changes and understand how they affect your loans, compare multiple loan simulations, and list loan repayment details

Minesweeper clone (DragonRuby)

A cross platform minesweeper clone made with Dragon Ruby. This was to try out what it would take to create a game using Ruby.

Grizzly Library

The Ruby library you will love to hate.

The Grizzly library is an attempt to end the predominance of the Array in Ruby by providing a collection that casts itself back while matching the whole Array interface. The work came after reading Steve Klabnik's warning & gist about subclassing Ruby core classes.