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On writing better service objects

Let's write Ruby like we write Rails applications and see how we can improve our use of service objects in the process.

Testing Rails Scopes

An method to test ActiveRecord model scopes properly.

Please show me a Gemfile

One simple file to learn all about a Ruby application.

Service object alternatives: Serializers

How to improve a specific type of service object and, who knows, get rid of it completely.

Skipping existing ActiveRecord validations

How to skip existing rails validations for validations contexts.

Retest - Docker & feature Specs

This article describes the Docker setup used in the end-to-end (2E2) testing of my ruby gem retest.

Pragmatic refactoring

A 99 Bottles of OOP book review and introducing retest, a gem to help you refactor code on the fly.

Testing ActiveRecord concerns

How to test Rails concerns for ActiveRecord models with temporary database tables.

Service object alternatives: ActiveModel

How to use ActiveModel::Model to substitute service objects encountered in Rails codebases.

Reflect on past commits

Can you understand your old code? A quick way to reflect and give feedback to your past self.